My Life

Champneys Health Spa

For my 20th birthday I had a voucher to go to Champneys Health Spa for two nights with my parents.

Champneys Health Spa is a place I always wanted to go since my mom and her friends went for the first time and told me all about it.

Champneys was in the lovely countryside, very nice and peaceful. At the health spa, there are different treatment areas, facials, body treatments, alternative therapies, finishing touches.

We also had access to the spa’s facilities, a swimming pool and gym, personal trainers and exercise classes.

For breakfast, lunch and dinner there were good, nutritious, healthy food served with coffee, tea, sparkling water, juice and soothes.

For breakfast, there was cereal, toast and fruit. For lunch was wraps or pasta with little toppings, then for dinner the spa served a number of starters and mains including fish and meat dishes – then a selection of deserts; ice-cream, sorbet or fruit salad. Visitors have access to health wellbeing and fitness programs and to medical services and medical support to help you.

When I was there I found it very accessible, the staff were helpful with everything needed.

My parents and I stayed and slept in the same room on the ground floor which was easy to get to if I wanted to go back to the room while mom and dad were doing their own thing.

The room itself was big, with three singe beds that I could get around it with ease and into the en suite bathroom, which had shower and toilet facilities.

My choice of treatment was a manicure and nail art, which I paid for using some birthday money. They offered me a range of colours and different tones to choose from.

Once I had the manicure, I chose to have midnight blue nail art, which I loved and lasted for about five weeks before becoming too chipped.

Mom meanwhile had a full body massage and dad took advantage of the gym and pool facilities, as well as taking a few exercise classes. I was very happy as I managed to use the pool to go swimming, which I loved as I don’t usually get a chance and it was a lovely feel on my legs.

I was also able to chill and relax a lot while mom and dad were using the spa. This helped me get lots of writing done which I was really happy with.

To begin with the healthy food and drink wasn’t to my pallet, as I wasn’t used to the types of food available.

However, I enjoyed the wraps and pasta at lunch times most. I soon got used to it and it made me reflect and it showed me that I don’t have to eat chocolate or drink pop all the time.

I had a great time at Champneys Health Spa and hoped to go back soon.


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